The Album Studio Album Templates are the fastest way to create amazing albums that your clients will love!
And we stand by that claim with a full money back guarantee!

As professional photographers we know how important it is to deliver a stunning album, and to be able to do it fast! That’s why we created these templates.

Our Album Templates are available for full flush and slip-in albums. Plus we’ve created 2 different styles of template for the full flush album.

Full Spread templates have all the design work done for you and include a layout that goes all the way across the page.

Mix ‘n Match templates include a design on just one side of the layout. You can use this on it’s own adding an image in the background or on the opposite side. Or you can quickly take a design from another Mix ‘n Match template and add it to the right side.

Each pack contains approx 180 different templates but when you take the Full Spread templates and add the possibilities available with our Mix ‘n Match templates you can create over 10,000 different layouts!

This really is the fastest way to create stunning albums that your clients will absolutely love!

Your designs are clean, straightforward, modern, fresh, elegant. They remind me of Whitehouse Glove designs or Martha Stewart. PZ. NY USA

Template Details:

Note: All sizes are listed per side (so for example a 8×8 square would have a full size of 16×8 when you include both the left and right sides of the spread)

- Flush Landscape – 8X6, 8X10, 8.5X11, 8X12, 11X13, 11X14 and 16X12 (inches)

- Flush Portrait – 8X10, 8.5X11, 8X12, 11X13 and 11X14 (inches)

- Flush Square – 8X8, 10X10, 12X12, 14X14 and 16X16 (inches)

- Purse Album Templates – 5X7 (multi-layer with built in rough edges)

- European Sized Templates – (in cm) – 20X30, 20X20, 30X30, 40X40 and 34.7X50.8 (Graphistudio Euro Size)

- Slip-in (landscape/portrait) – 8X10, 8X12, 10X10 (can be used for 8X8 or smaller etc)

- Create Your Own Sizes: Using a simple technique you can create any size you need from our template packs. Our movies show how it’s done. It’s easy!

- Let Us Create The Sizes You Need: After purchase drop us an email with the size you need and, if it's possible, we’ll create the template packs for you.

- High Resolution: All templates are 300DPI multi-layered Photoshop layouts.

- Use Your Favourite Editor: Works with any editor that can access PSD files such as Photoshop (CS-CS6 and on), Photoshop Elements (9, 10 and 11 etc) and the Free Gimp Photo Editor

- Mac or PC: Templates are platform independent.

- Fully Editable: Flip, rotate, duplicate, delete – Your choice!

- Changeable Backgrounds: Change the colours, add photos and gradients

- 26 Movie Professional Album Design Course: Learn the techniques the pros use.

- Quick Start Movie and Guide: Gets you up and running Fast!

Your templates and videos are awesome! I really like your templates, and I think you have done an excellent job with the instruction to go along with them, and we’d love to be able to point our clients in your direction – Ian Hern, BonMatch Albums.

Speed Up Your Album Production With Our Easy To Use Worksheets.

Did you know that the easiest way to design an album is actually on paper?

We know that one of the most frustrating things about album design can be the time it takes. Choosing photos, designing the album, coming up with cool and interesting (and new) layouts seems to take up so much time. And we know because we’ve spent many hours designing albums ourselves.

But over the years we have developed a very fast workflow that really cuts down our album design time. It makes such a big difference that we knew we had to include it with our Album Templates. So in addition to the templates you’ll get -

- Event Order Worksheets – There are two sets of worksheets. The first, the Event order Worksheets, help plan out the general flow of the album so you know exactly how many pages you have to play with and where everything goes.

- Album Storyboard Worksheets – Next we look at the actual layout. The Album Storyboard worksheets make actual album creation simple. Design your general layout and choose your images here. Together these two worksheets will make album design an absolute breeze!

- Sample Workflow – We also include a sample workflow that shows our exact start to finish image editing and design workflow from taking the cards out of our cameras to delivering the finished product to our clients.

- Photoshop Shortcut Sheet - Print it out and have all the most important Photoshop Shortcuts that you need to know right by your side as you work.

Professional Album Design Techniques Laid Bare In Our Album Design Course

One of the reasons why we know you’ll love your new templates is their ease of use. And we created 26 movies to teach you all the tricks and techniques you’ll need to create gorgeous albums. The movies will take you by the hand to show you how to create stunning albums.

Here’s a very small sampling of what you’ll learn…

You’ll Learn: How to use the worksheets to cut your album design time by 100%

You’ll Learn: How to create over 10,000 different layouts using our fully editable templates.

You’ll Learn: How to edit your layouts and add amazing effects to create stunning, classic albums.

You’ll Learn: Why you should never use normal black and white effects on a colour albums… but dont worry we give you a black and white recipe specially designed for colour pages!

and much, much, more…

In short the Album Design Course will turn you into a professional album designer able to turn out gorgeous albums that your clients will love in no time at all.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your templates… so easy to use, and the video tutorials were EXCELLENT!!! love that you can rotate, copy, etc.

Until I found you, I either didn’t like the templates I had found, or the software was too much trouble, and time consuming to use. Thank you for having awesome templates at affordable prices! Thanks for making such a great product!!

Stephanie Jones Photography – Winner of the Wedding Wire’s Bride Choice Award & The Knot’s Best of Wedding Photographers 2008-2009

Bonus: Albums From Scratch

Our main Album Design Course teaches you how to create amazing albums using our Album Templates pack. And our next course, “Album’s From Scratch” is the logical follow on in which you’ll learn everything you need to know to create your own unique great looking album layouts.

You’ll learn how to set up the perfect base template with professional safety guides.

Then you can follow along as we show the easiest way to create lots of different layouts. It’s pretty simple to do and once you’ve seen how we do it in the examples you’ll be able to create your own unique album layouts on the fly.

Not only that but once you have your layouts we’ll show you the correct way to save the layouts as templates for future use. And finally you’ll learn how to edit images within the layouts, how to add some cool but classic effects to the layouts and how to save them for printing. This video training course really does make one-of-a-kind album design incredibly simple!

I think your product is top quality and I have tried to source similar in Australia and no-one is willing to share. Well done and I will keep an eye on your site for any future additions. This is a top quality product from a top quality seller. Thank you. – C.M. Victoria, Australia

Bonus: Photoshop Fast!

Photoshop Fast! is the course we wanted when we originally started out as wedding photographers.

Most courses on the market go into Photoshop in a lot of detail but yet miss out some very important lessons that a wedding or portrait photographer would need. In fact, when we originally learnt ourselves, we found it very hard to get all the information we needed in just one course.

“Photoshop Fast!” starts with the basics of Photoshop and moves quickly into professional yet simple image editing techniques designed specially for the wedding and portrait photographer. Then we go one step further and show you exactly how to automate the process.

Need a colour boost? Click once and its done. Boost some more, click one more time. Want black and white – one click and it’s there. Need to reduce or boost exposure – again one click and it’s done. We show in detail how these techniques work to adjust your images and then we show how to set up one click shortcuts to make it work in quick time. Running through a thousand or more images can be time consuming but when you use our techniques you’ll be editing super fast.

After you’ve learnt our professional image editing techniques we move on to teach how to use Photoshops built in automation to do the time consuming work for you. For example If you need to send out a set of proofs to your clients we show how to set up Photoshop to run through all your images and create a new folder full of images reduced in size with a cool watermark added to each and every one. Set up this action one time and use it a thousand times.

The Photoshop Fast! course contains 63 movies and contains techniques that work with Photoshop CS through to CS5. In fact whatever Photoshop you use you’ll find our techniques work. The majority of our movies cover a single technique so it’s easy to find exactly what you need when you need a recap.

With over 60 movies you’ll learn – The correct way to set up Bridge and Photoshop for Efficient, Fast Workflow – Actions – Basic to Advanced Image Editing – Cropping – Keystoning – The incredible “PS Diet” (Your clients will LOVE this!) – A Professional Trick for Fixing Under and Over Exposure With One Click – Colour Boosts Tricks – Advanced Dodge and Burn Techniques – Advanced Colour Balance and Photo Filters – Polarizer Effects – A Black and White Recipe Designed Especially for Colour Albums – Moody High Contrast – Portrait Editing For The Perfect Bridal Portraits – Object Removal – Professional Sharpening – Text Effects – Image Processing – Watermarking – Automation – Advanced Actions, Droplets and much, much more…

Plus we created special movies that cover multiple techniques as a general recap to show how all the techniques work together. The Photoshop Fast! course really is the course you need to go from beginner to super fast Photoshop whizz in no time at all.

I’ve just watched all of the tutorials and I have to say that I have learned so much – I’m not a novice to Photoshop or layers but I have learned so much stuff from your tutorials that I did not know about-things that can save me time, make my work more efficent, presentable and ulitimately make my business more profitable! I cannot think of one negative comment. R.L. UK

Bonus: Marketing Movies!

We have also created a special bonus pack of movies that show how to create some cool marketing items such as business cards, montages, rough edges, glass frames and online web galleries. It’s everything you need to create some great bonus items for your clients.

Thank you, the splitter I created works very well. I am learning much from you, the videos are perfect length and right to the point. Love it. On a side note though the actions tutorial is right up there with sliced bread.

I’ve learned more through your videos than I have by reading. Once again Max thank you for a great product. I’m telling everyone at work about the DVD. – C.D. Panama City, Florida, USA

Bonus: Album Studio Designs and Classic Patterns

These 2 packs of unique backgrounds will allow you to create gorgeous backgrounds for your album layouts.

These are high resolution (300DPI) designs. This means they will easily fit any template that we sell. They will also fit most templates from other album design companies.

Plus they are amazingly simple to use. All you have to do is drag and drop them into your layouts and adjust the colours/layer effects as needed to create a multitude of great backdrops that you will love! We even created 4 movies that teach everything needed to create gorgeous backgrounds just like these:


Overlay Details:

- High Resolution 16x32in at 300DPI (9600px x 4800px). These are the biggest high resolution album overlays we’ve ever seen!

– Shrink To Fit – Leave them alone for a full size design or shrink them to fit to use a smaller design.

– Easy To Use – Drag and drop simplicity. Drag them into your favourite editor, design and edit as needed.

– Fully Editable – Any effect you can think of in Photoshop can be applied to create any design style you want. Add strokes, create a “Damask” effect and more…

– 4 Overlay Design Movies: We’ve created 4 movies to show you everything you need to create great backgrounds with these overlays.

I love the templates. It has made designing my albums an absolute breeze! Mel, US

I bought your template package and absolutely love it! K.O. Ontario

Technical Details: Templates work on all versions of Photoshop (from CS and up through CS6 etc), Photoshop Elements 6 -10, Gimp, Mac or PC. Movies require Quicktime Movie Player (available for Mac or PC) – Movie player available free from Apple. Pack also includes Quick Start Guide, workflow, storyboarding, event order worksheets, photoshop shortcuts sheet and screen calibration kit. Please read our Terms Of Use before purchase.